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Our Services

Your satisfaction ..



Meeting our requirements and achieving them is our priority. So we try to make them available on the services that are available to you for 24 hours. Your demands make our work more successful if their fulfillment is achieved, and we strive for it.

CASCO Insurance

Make a safe trip.

Accidents happen, and so that you do not worry about how much damage will cost you, we will provide you with a voluntary insurance contract, the purpose of which is to compensate for all damages that the car can suffer by turning it back to the previous state.

Our casco insurance offers various coverage, enabling alternative choices.

GPS Navigation

Find The Fastest Way

Want to know the routes or paths, traffic jams and alternative routes, the location of hotels, fuel, or places you have interest, then you do not have to worry because our cars provide you with all the questions that you you may have them.

CHILD SEAT Child Seats

Satisfying Child Seats perfect for Moms

Your children's safety is first and foremost, so that you are completely safe for them, our cars are equipped with special seats, which enable your children to travel along the road as well as their safety.


Why not just stay comfort while you're in the car?

It would not be good for you to feel comfortable once, and just enjoy the way, and the journey, not thinking about the way and driving.

So we allow you a private chauffeur who will enable you to feel the comfort and just enjoy your trip.